Why braces are for so long time??

Clubfoot or CTEV is one of the most common Paediatric Orthopaedic problems in child. It can be corrected easily with serial plaster technique. Treatment of Clubfoot should be started as early as possible from first week of life (first day of life).

Treatment of Clubfoot includes serial plaster cast (Ponseti technique) 3-5 plasters on weekly intervals followed by tenotomy if required. Braces or DB splint is to be used 23 hours a day for first three months, thereafter only at night and Nap time, whenever child sleeps till age of five years.
Bar or Rod is integral part of Clubfoot braces and is necessary to keep foot in correct position. Braces are used till five years of age to avoid chances of relapse. Separate shoes without Bar or Rod in Clubfoot braces are ineffective and leads to early and more chances of recurrence of Clubfoot Deformity.

Dr Nargesh Agrawal is the renowned Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon . He has done more than 500 Clubfoot or CTEV correction with very high success rate. His approach and knowledge towards ctev is excellent . He has many national and international research work on Clubfoot or CTEV. He runs his Clubfoot clinic on Friday morning and Saturday evening at Sant Parmanand Hospital, Civil Lines, New Delhi.